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Stacey + Brian // October 2017

Ciera was great to work with. She was very flexible with regard to meeting times and helpful with suggestions. She was very concious of our budget and recommending different vendors and scenarios. She did a great job of keeping the vendors on track and all of them commented on how pleasant and easy she was to work with. Her day of wedding work was above and beyond. I can't imagine the day going any smoother and Ciera and her assistant made this happen. We had to get a tent at the last minute and she made this happen seamlessly. I would highly recommend Ciera to anyone who is looking for a young, energetic and hard working planner. She also had a great way of relating to the bride and groom, which was very important to help us through the process."

Mother of the Bride -  Partial Planning by Ciera
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Karli + Brandon // October 2017

"If there were more stars to give, I would give them. I wish I could use emojis on this review, because I would use every happy emoji in existence, plus about 15 champagne toast emojis. Christine is AMAZING. We began planning our wedding just over two years prior to our big day. Long story short, we would be living far from home the year prior to the event and I was concerned I would lose my mind trying to plan a wedding. So we sat down in Christine's cozy shop over two years prior to our date and I thought, 'this lady is going to think I'm insane'. Thankfully....she didn't. Instead, she hopped right into planning.

From day one, Christine was calm, cool and collected. She was always prepared to answer any question I had. We told her a vague description of what we wanted...a fall wedding minus pumpkins, hay and mason jars, with a touch of Star Wars....and boy did she deliver. Granted, I may be biased, but we had the classiest Star Wars wedding I think maybe ever. I have a hard time believing very many people would have embraced such a description the same way Christine and her team did.

Just a word of advice to the future WGL brides, give Christine the reins, and roll on from there. Everything will be more then you could have ever hoped for. The vendors Christine brought in absolutely killed it. They were beyond incredible and my guests couldn't have had a better time. I could never thank Christine enough for all she did for us to make our day what it was. I will never forget, early on she told me....'your wedding day doesn't have to be the best day of your entire life, it just has to be a good day'.....Every bride should take this to heart; because if you're lucky you will have a life full of best days. This statement made planning a wedding a lot less stressful then it could have been, because it didn't feel like it had anything to live up to. Our wedding was a blast and I could not imagine it without Christine (and of course her wonderful team!). Everything was impeccable.

There really are no words to describe how thankful I am we walked into Christine's shop that day. Our day would not have been the same. If you're hiring a wedding planner, hire WGL. Christine and her team will surely deliver."

Bride - Full Planning
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Rachel + Geoff // September 2017

"Ciera was wonderful. We went with their partial wedding planning package to save a little (because our venue was a bit expensive) and I feel like I never noticed it. Ciera was thorough, detailed, responsive, and a huge pleasure to interact with. At our rehearsal and wedding she had everything running smoothly and efficiently so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Would definitely recommend."

Groom - Partial Planning by Ciera
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Kelly + Mike // September 2017

"We planned our wedding from another state while both working 60+ hours a week. I don’t think we could’ve kept our sanity without Heather. She was kind, thoughtful, and reassuring throughout the entire long process. She solved problems before we knew that they were problems, negotiated great prices from vendors, and steered us through some tough situations.

Our venue, in particular, was really difficult to deal with and surprised us with last minute relocations of our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception thanks to their construction project and a loud concert nearby. Heather went to bat for us by pushing for a discount, and tried hard to find a way for us to still use the original spaces. In the end, we reluctantly relocated the wedding, and Heather found creative ways to improve the space. So we had a lovely wedding despite having to go with our backup option, and it was largely due to Heather. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I highly recommend WGL!"

Bride - Partial Planning by Heather
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Nina + Corey // September 2017

"My husband and I were living in California and we had to plan an Indian wedding for 200 guests in our hometown of Richmond. Ciera was amazing. I would highly recommend her. We had two catering companies, a Brahmin, an officiant, a mandap and florist coordinator, lighting effect, DJ, and two rental companies. To top it all off we weren't going to be in town until the week of the wedding. That's a lot of moving parts, but Ciera stayed calm and walked us through all the steps. She made sure everything ran smoothly. The best part was my husband and I spent our wedding day visiting with our guests and dancing the night away. If you want a worry free wedding day, definitely hire Ciera at Wood Grain & Lace." Nina

"We had a great experience working with Ciera for our large 200 guest wedding. She was always on top of things from well before the wedding day, and on the day of kept everything running smoothly, and made sure everyone had a good time. I would highly recommend Ciera!" Corey

Bride + Groom - 90 day wrap up with Ciera
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Rachel + Bryan // July 2017

"Thinking about hiring a wedding planner? Do it. Thinking about hiring any other wedding planning team besides Wood Grain & Lace... Don't do it.

My (now) husband, Bryan, and I went into Christine's other venture, Urban Set Bride, to meet with her about a year before our wedding. I remember I was immediately sold when she shared with us that your wedding day is meant to be a wonderful, beautiful, special day but, if your lucky in life, you have a lot of those. She said that her goal is to allow brides to enjoy the process and not get wrapped up in the "this has to be the best day of my ENTIRE life” mentality.

When we ended our hour long consultation with Christine she told us to go home, sleep on it, and let her know later this week what we decided. Bryan and I took about 7 steps out of the building before we turned around and went back into the shop and were like yeah... we're kind of obsessed with you. And, turns out, first impressions can sometimes be spot on. Christine was incredible throughout the entire process. I appreciated her honesty and candor when I asked questions about stuff I wasn't sure we needed. It was incredibly helpful in allowing us to stay on budget and cut out things that wouldn’t add to our day. She was incredibly responsive and her attitude kept me cool throughout the entire process. I truly can't imagine not having her on the day of. She kept everything on schedule and running smoothly and really allowed for Bryan, my family and me to be in the moment and enjoy our day.

You pay a boat load of money for a wedding and I can say, without question, that WG&L was the best thing we spent money on. What I remember most about my wedding day is how I felt. If I had needed to worry about whether the ceremony musician showed up on time or the caterers were setting up the tables the way we had discussed I wouldn't have been able to be in the moment and take it all in. While I wasn't one who had a "vision" for my wedding and was just excited to the damn thing and go on a honeymoon, WG&L truly made the day so special and now I understand why people call this one of the best days of their lives."

Bride - Partial Planning by Christine
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Keely + David // July 2017

"I stumbled upon Ciera and WGL after a few weeks into my planning, I couldn't focus at work and desperately needed help. We had a short engagement (less than 5 months), and after my first phone call with Ciera, I knew she was the one. She's respectful and accommodating. My main concern was planning MY wedding, not letting someone design and steer our plans in order to get into a magazine or blog. She understood what I meant right from begging, and always let ME decide. Apparently we were her first couple that she had never met...did I mention we planned the wedding from another state!? Either way, on rehearsal day, it was game on and Ciera and I definitely meshed. Our wedding day was perfect, her assistant was fantastic and friendly, and they both seemed to get along well with the other vendors. Overall, I'm incredibly pleased. I'm a perfectionist and have a VERY clear picture of what I want and expect, and Ciera never fell short of the mark. Our day was perfect because she worked her butt off for us. Thanks Ciera!!!

Bride - Partial Planning by Ciera
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Nena + Tre // May 2017

"Hire Wood Grain & Lace! Do NOT try to plan & execute your wedding vision alone. Where do I begin? Christine is super fun! It’s refreshing to work with someone that is straight forward and down to earth, yet totally gets your vision and your need for everything to be perfect. She was super helpful during the planning process ensuring that we stayed on track with tasks and offering suggestions as we thought through various things. She would also tell us when things didn’t make sense or wouldn’t be the best use of our money, which I totally appreciate! When we struggled making decisions, she took the time to go through all of the options (including creating multiple tablescape versions) so that we could find what was best for us. She even helped snag some hard-to-find items we needed at the last minute and helped to ensure our rehearsal dinner was a success.

I can’t say enough about how awesome my daughter’s wedding was and I know it couldn’t have been possible without Christine & her assistant. Thank you ladies!!"

Mother of the bride - Partial Planning by Christine
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"We hired Christine after an in person consultation and were so happy with our decision. She was personable, organized, and really knew her stuff. From start to finish she always had great advice and kept us on track as we neared the big day. On the wedding day she made sure everything went smoothly. I am a complete perfectionist and control freak and I had nothing to worry about with Christine and team in charge. Do not make the mistake so many brides make and try to do it on your own. Hire Wood Grain and Lace to take care of all your wedding needs and you'll have a stress free wedding day."

Bride - Partial Planning by Christine
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Alice + Nikolai // May 2017

"We didn't initially plan on hiring a coordinator but quickly realized planning a wedding from out of town might be a little tricky, so we reached out to WGL and connected with Ciera. Immediately we knew we NEEDED her- she is smart, funny, quick, no nonsense but also non judgmental and accommodating and asks all the right questions. She was on top of everything, replied quickly and wisely to even my spaziest of emails, created a perfect day-of agenda, joined us on site visit, met with our musicians to make a plan, flagged things we never thought about, connected us with great hair and make up people, DJ and a florist, and honestly kept us sane. Also her instincts are 100% on point- for example I wanted to tweak the day-of schedule to run our reception a bit later which she accommodated, but ultimately on the day of I realized that her initial plan would have been perfect. The rehearsal went perfectly with Ciera at the helm (everyone present was like "woah, I wish I had her at my wedding!") and on the wedding day Ciera and Brandon who assisted were AMAZING. We were able to completely relax and enjoy the day because the were 10 steps ahead of everything. We just showed up and partied! It was so nice to build a relationship of trust where we knew we didn't have to worry about anything without needing to ask our friends and family to take on a lot of tasks- everyone was able to fully enjoy the day. Everything was perfect and went better than I could have hoped and WGL was a HUGE part of that. Ciera went so above and beyond and her services felt like a bargain. Hire WGL/ Ciera!!"

Bride - 90 day wrap up with Ciera
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Melissa + Thomas // April 2017

"My husband and I worked with Heather Kemman at WGL and selected the Day-of-Coordinator option. We cannot say enough about how absolutely wonderful she is! I'm an event planner by profession so we spent a good amount of time searching for someone I could really trust to bring our vision to life as opposed to enacting their own vision. (However, I have no doubt that Heather could create a vision for a couple as well if that was something the client desired.) We must have met with 10 different planners before meeting Heather. I felt instantly comfortable with Heather. She has a calm confidence that is really steadying to a high strung and particular bride. She asked all the right questions and made sure my husband and I really had thought through everything. She provided constructive suggestions on areas we needed support on without judgement. Heather was very responsive throughout the planning process. I always felt she had a pulse on everything that was going on. She maintained regular contact with all of my vendors and made sure we didn't have any unanswered questions or loose ends. We encountered issues with some of our vendors in the 11th hour and Heather was instrumental in resolving these hiccups. She displayed the utmost professionalism and remained calm and collected while working to find a mutual solution. The wedding day was absolutely perfect. Every tiny thing went exactly as planned or better. Heather and her assistant ran the entire event smoothly and professionally from behind the scenes. As my mother put it, "Heather seemed to be completely out of sight until you needed something and then she was right there anticipating your question." We couldn't have dreamed up a better person to work with on our big day. Heather and her team truly made our wedding the perfect experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy, kind and confident guide to support you in planning and executing your wedding."

Bride - 90 day wrap up by Heather
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Tess + Matt // March 2017

"Christine is a professional and a class act who takes the guesswork out of your wedding day. I had a wedding to plan in about six weeks, and while I’m the kind of spreadsheet nerd who enjoys getting all the details together myself, I immediately went to Wood Grain & Lace to see if they’d be available to do my day-of coordinating. Christine was knowledgeable, responsive, and brought all of her experience to bear in terms of what works and what doesn’t work. She provided thoughtful ideas about points I may not have covered yet in my planning, and made sure that we walked through the day-of schedule ahead of time to keep us on the same page. Christine is there to take the stress out of your day with a good old-fashioned dose of preparedness, and she will do that regardless of all the last-minute things that inevitably pop up. Her humor and candor are invaluable when you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of details. As you’re planning an event that looms comically large in your mind, she will remind you to breathe and bring you back down to earth. She will bolster you and encourage you to follow through with the things you and your fiancé / fiancée truly want to remember when you look back on your wedding, outside pressures be damned. On my wedding day she showed up with a smile on her face, completed all those day-of tasks that would have otherwise swallowed up my time, corralled family members and attendants to where they needed to be, and answered any questions so that I didn’t have to. Her assistant, Brandi, also did a great job and added a welcome set of hands and an added sense of calm to the day. Thanks to them I just hung out, concentrated on getting dressed and ready, and walked out totally unstressed. If you’re ready for some organized, knowledgeable, grown-up boss ladies to take care of you and vanquish all the nonsense out of your wedding day, you’re ready for Wood Grain & Lace."

Bride - 90 day wrap up by Christine
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Betsy + Tyler // October 2016
"Christine was a dream to work with! She is the definition of a boss lady and I always felt that she and I worked as a true team to nail our wedding. I had a vision and she helped me execute it to a tee. She is extremely organized, focused, and detail oriented. Even though she was extremely busy (and not to mention had a baby during our planning process) she always made me feel like her only client! She kept me on track and made sure that nothing slipped through the cracks. She was always available and easy to get in touch with if I had a question or needed anything!! Our wedding went off without a hitch in large part due to the Christine's diligence and coordination! Simply put, Wood Grain and Lace is the absolute best I can not recommend them enough!!!"
Bride - Partial Planning by Christine
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Sara + Tracy // November 2016
"My wife and I loved our experience with a Christine from Wood Grain & Lace Events. We choose to hire her for full wedding planning for our intimate, autumn wedding in Richmond. She really exceeded all of our expectations. Especially as a same sex couple, we felt right at home with Christine and her team. She did so much more than just set up site visits for us, she suggested options I hadn't found after weeks of research. And she accompanied me on each walk through and asked all the right questions. As a result she helped to ensure we thoughtfully weighed all of our options for both our ceremony and our reception. She didn't just speak with vendors, she guided us through what vendors we should be booking and at what time in the planning process. Her recommendations for vendors made us feel confident signing every contract, because although this was our time with these vendors, it wasn't hers! And finally, budget. She didn't just give us access to budget tools, she helped us evaluate where our money would be best spent and even secured us discounts with some vendors! Her expertise in this industry is truly what you are paying for and it's well worth it. She was our ally and friend through this process. In an industry that encourages brides to over-spend and over-please, Christine gave us permission to plan the wedding we wanted. With her help we kept it small, intimate and stress free!
Brides - Full Planning by Christine
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Moira + Nadjeeb // October 2016
"Ciera was an amazing wedding planner. She is kind, flexible, capable, and trustworthy. I knew immediately upon meeting her that she would be fantastic at her job. I was so calm on my wedding day because I knew that she would handle any and all problems that arose. She did a fantastic job working with my vendors, so much so that I didn't give a thought to anything but enjoying myself the day of the wedding. Go for the trifecta and use Wood Grain and Lace, get an Urban Set dress, and use the brilliant Amanda Burnette as a florist."
Bride - Partial Planning by Ciera
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Lauren + Chase // August 2016
"Chase and I really appreciate our planner's organization and understanding of our vision for our day. We had already chosen most of our vendors and it was nice to hand over contact to her as she stayed in touch and coordinated with them. We valued having a planner that could be our eyes and ears especially as we were planning our day from afar. Heather gave of confidence in her as she offered to take on things that would have otherwise been stressful. She is so easy-going and competent and our day could not have turned out as smoothly and perfect without her!"
Bride - 90 day wrap up package by Heather
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Rachel + Ted // August 2016
"Once we decided on a wedding in Richmond there was no question that we were going to check out Wood Grain & Lace, especially as we would be planning with one of us (the bride) in Chicago. We knew we wanted a coordinator who would be accessible, but not pushy, trying to up-sell us on things we didn’t want. In our first meeting with Christine we knew we wanted to hire her to do partial planning. She was easy-going, interested in us, what we really wanted out of our wedding, and someone we liked on a personal level. During our planning Christine became pregnant (something she told us might happen before we even hired her!) and Ciera stepped in. To help with the transition, Christine made sure we felt comfortable with Ciera, who we love! When we had our first on-site visit of our venue, Christine and Ciera both came and knew every question to ask the vendors. They were extremely organized and thought of every last detail. Access to the online wedding planner also helped up track and plan our own progress with the wedding plans and monitor our budget.

In that final month before the wedding when you start to feel all the pressures of final details, family, RSVP worries, etc. Ciera was there to put everything together. I don’t know how we would have managed if Ciera hadn’t been putting together the timeline, sharing all the information with the vendors, making sure vendors would be where they are supposed to be, and a hundred other things we never even saw or worried about because she was there.

They allowed us to focus on what we really wanted to focus on, preparing for marriage, rather than just the wedding. We had so much fun the day wedding and Ciera and her team made that happen. We didn’t worry about anything the day of because she was there. And they were so fun to have around! We cannot say enough good about this team. HIRE THEM NOW!"
Bride - Partial Planning by Christine + Ciera
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Angie + JP // May 2016
"Christine and her team are top-notch. I was never the girl who hung a pillowcase on the back of her head and dreamed of her wedding day so it was very difficult for me to put one foot in front of the other and get my wedding planned. Christine was a gentle hand on my back always pushing me forward. Every vendor she recommended was outstanding and I leaned on her quite a bit when it came to using her contacts -- she had to stake her reputation on both her team's services and the services of most of the vendors we used which I'm sure is a lot of pressure for a planner.

On the day-of many things went wrong (it rained all day), as with every wedding, and Christine made sure to keep everything running as smoothly as possible and the burden away from us. Besides having excellent taste, Christine is very pragmatic. Her advice was always honest (and golden) and every step in the process she warned would cause us stress she prepared us for.

What I think is the most remarkable thing about Christine and my experience working with her, is that we felt she really understood us personally and knew how to manage us in a way that was productive and caring. I felt like she had my back throughout the entire process; feeling alone in this was the hardest part of the planning process for many of my friends who didn't have a planner (and some who did). Our wedding was truly awesome and I will always treasure the role Christine and Wood Grain & Lace Events played in making that happen for us."
Bride - Full Planning by Christine
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Melanie + Zach // May 2016
"Christine and her team made the entire wedding planning process absolutely easy & stress-free (which I imagine isn't always the case with a wedding in Virginia that you're planning from Seattle). Even though my husband and I couldn't be in Virginia 90% of the time while deciding on things like locations, we felt at ease and like we could completely trust her expertise and experience with local vendors & business owners without us having to meet them. She was easy to communicate with, honest, organized & best of all calm the whole time.

From the start I felt like she knew the type of wedding we wanted, and she helped us pull together the exact type of celebration we were hoping for. She was also great at understanding our standards on budget and didn't pressure us into spending outside of that, which made us feel incredibly confident that she had our best interests at hand. Christine and her team are absolute pros & I completely recommend them whether you're planning local or long-distance!"
Bride - Full Planning by Christine
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